Put a Ring on It – 2019 Luxury Ring Trends

We all want to feel inspired, to feel refreshed and beautiful. We like to adorn ourselves with things that make us feel good and joyful when we put them on. We want the pieces of jewelry we select and wear to be unique and special and to express who we are. Who we are may have changed radically since we initially purchased some of the pieces languishing in our drawers. These pieces still retain monetary value even if they don’t retain that personal value they initially did.

Your engagement ring may be your first piece of fine jewelry. Since then your taste may have changed dramatically and you are ready to update your look. Or perhaps you have other pieces that no longer fit your current mood and taste. Summer is a great time to peruse your collection and reflect on what you still love and what you want to retain and what you would prefer to unburden yourself from, perhaps sell off, and with that money purchase something new that brings you new memories and a fresh outlook.

THE THREE STONE DIAMOND RINGS: Even though three stone diamond rings are actually quite a classic style, their popularity has risen since Prince Harry choose this for Meghan Markle. It has brought this style to the forefront and the choices range from classic to ultra modern.

Various 3 stone diamond engagement ringsmodern three stone round brilliant diamond wedding setLarge three stone oval diamond ring in antique jewelry box

OVAL SHAPE DIAMOND RINGS: This has been a stand-out diamond shape for a while and continues to be popular with Blake Lively & Serena Williams choosing this for their settings. The length of the oval diamond elongates the finger, making it a flattering diamond shape for any hand.

large oval diamond ringwhite gold oval diamond halo ringrose gold oval diamond ring

STACKABLE SETTINGS DIAMOND RINGS: An engagement ring feels like the start to the ultimate ring stack and designers are embracing this trend. Currently engagement rings feature stones in various shapes (round,oval, pear,rectangle and even octagon) that are meant to be paired with arched bands on your wedding day. Some may have interlocking designs. The stack is here to stay and feels very modern and contemporary.

Oval diamond ring stack set with halo settingbotanical natural diamond ring setmodern diamond ring stack with diamond eternity band

SOLITAIRE SETTING DIAMOND RINGS: These rings typically include one focal stone. As a result, they always have a timeless, chic feel to them, which makes this choice a perfect one for classic women. A great designer can transform a classic solitaire piece into one with a much more modern feel by swapping the band out in favor of one that is thinner for a more minimalist vibe.

white gold round brilliant diamond solitaire ringround brilliant diamond solitaire ring on handwhite gold princess cut diamond solitaire ring

PEAR SHAPE DIAMOND RINGS: Pear shaped diamonds have taken on a popularity of their own. The shape is different and more fashion forward than a classic solitaire and pear cut diamonds offer an easy opportunity to create the ring stack and other bands down the line. Long gone are the days when “Carrie” of Sex and the City fame, chocked on the idea of a pear shape diamond. Cardi B, Victoria Beckham, Paris Hilton, Sophie Turner and Ariana Grande all choose the pear for their diamonds. The shape is less expected and also elongates the finger! The stone’s shape, which is a hybrid of the marquise and classic round cut, made its first appearance in the 1400 hundreds when Flemish jeweler Lodewyk van Berquem (the inventor of the diamond-polishing wheel) cut an asymmetrical diamond.

pear shaped diamond solitaire ring with diamonds on bandwhite gold pear shaped diamond wedding setwhite gold pear shaped diamond halo engagement ring

HORIZONTAL SETTING: This setting is when the stone is turned horizontally so it crosses over your ring finger. The slight change creates a cool, modern feel and this trend will become a timeless classic. East-west setting vs the more traditional north-south Vertical setting. Transform your setting with something as simple as a new orientation. This design is a celeb fave , seen on the fingers of Portia de Rossi, Catherine Zeta Jones and Kate Beckinsale. The uniqueness of this design is timeless, classic and special. The stone options are endless, whether you want an emerald or marquise cut,a diamond or a colored gemstone.

horizontal set emerald cut diamond wedding sethorizontal set white gold marquise diamond engagement ringassortment of trendy gemstone rings on hand

THE SPLIT SHANK: The “shank” on a ring is a fancy way of talking about the band, and split shanks (or “ring enhancers”) are now trending. Marrow Fine’s design, The Winter Rose, is a great example. The stone sits between two bands that look like a fabulous stacked ring. Many women have chosen this style to update their existing older engagement rings and give it a fresh new approach .

white gold diamond enhancer ringmarrow fines trendy diamond ring designyellow gold diamond engagement ring enhancer

CUSTOM DIAMOND RINGS: A dress designer’s creativity can soar when they are asked to create a custom piece and a jewelry designer feels the same way when the can create a custom ring. There is definitely a trend towards custom as more couples wish to have something completely unique for them. This process then becomes part of their experience.

top down view of a jewelry designer inspecting a diamondengagement ring design sketches

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