Know Before You Sell: Rolex Masterpiece

Classic, elegant, timeless. A Rolex Masterpiece is the ultimate symbol of a woman’s status and success. With diamond hour markers, diamond bezel, and diamond designs descending down the solid 18k yellow gold band, this timepiece can effortlessly transition from boardroom to ballroom.

The 29mm case holds a Rolex mother of pearl diamond dial protected by a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal. 10 round brilliant diamonds mark the hours.

Rolex created the Masterpiece with feminity in mind, while still withholding the Rolex standard of precision and durability.

This particular model included all paperwork and a royal blue branded Rolex jewelry and watch presentation box. It also came with two additional diamond encrusted links for extending the bracelet and the original Rolex crown golden box key. The more paperwork, links, receipts, hangtags, etc that are included with a luxury timepiece, the higher the value will be in the secondary market. For more information regarding the value of a Rolex you may want to sell, feel free to contact our watch experts at Regal Estate Jewelry and Watch Buyers. 

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The face of this watch (above) features the timeless mother of pearl dial, diamond hour markers, and is surrounded by a diamond bezel. The case showcases a smooth finish of 18k solid yellow gold. The high-quality materials, such as the amount of gold and quality of the diamonds used, push the investment aspect of the purchase and the value of the watch as a whole. All diamond detailing is done by Rolex and not a third party jeweler. On the back of the bracelet, we can see the iconic Rolex crown detailing that the company is known for. This timepiece also features a deployment clasp the fits comfortably against the wrist, adding functionality to the showstopping collector piece.

Although the 29mm version of this watch is a harder size to sell in the secondary market, it is still popular with overseas clients. This model has lost a lot of popularity in the United States, however, despite its high retail price tag which can exceed $100,000.

The photos above also show the close up detailing of the Rolex Masterpiece bracelet. The cascading diamonds will occasionally follow different patterns, but it is the diamond encrusted band that gives the Ladies Rolex Masterpiece its impact and memorability.

Regal Estate Jewelry and Watch Buyers have years of expertise selling high-end luxury timepieces. If you are looking to get the most value out of your pre-owned Rolex watch, feel free to send us an inquiry. All inquiries are obligation free, and all you need are a few photos in order to receive a preliminary cash offer. Isn’t it time to discover the difference a private watch buyer can make? 

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