3 Things to Consider When Selling Your Luxury Watch

3 Things to Consider When Selling Your Luxury Watch

Selling a luxury watch is a significant decision – a decision not to be made in haste. The resale of a personal watch whether you purchased or inherited it can be an emotional experience. The selling process should leave you with the knowledge that your questions were answered, the transaction was respectful, discreet and you know you received a fair price. Several factors determine the resale value of luxury watches. The following are some insights into selling your luxury watch:

1. Consider the condition of the watch 

  • A luxury watch that has been kept in a safe, away from the activities for which it was designed, is probably not how most elegant watches are utilized. A gently worn watch that has been taken care of will hold a higher value than a timepiece with noticeable signs of wear.
  • The resale value will increase if your luxury timepiece is entirely original. “All original” means a watch that is still in the exact configuration as when it leaves the factory. For example, a Rolex watch in which a jeweler has switched the original bezel for a diamond bezel: even though you have a more expensive and beautiful diamond bezel, this is still an “after-market” bezel. If the seller also provides the original bezel, this will allow the purchaser to have the factory “all original” watch.
  • Luxury watches with their original box and papers will be worth more and hold their value better than without. The original documents issued by the manufacturer, with model and serial numbers, are irreplaceable.
  • Even if the dial starts to look faded, the patina over time is acceptable in older collectible watches. Changing the dial out for a shiny new dial will reduce a luxury watch’s value. Also, the watchband should have all links; not having all the links can affect value as can a stretched bracelet.

2. Ensure the watch is genuine and not a counterfeit

  • Do you know for sure your luxury timepiece is authentic? Did it come in the original box with the manufacture’s verification? 
  • Listen for Ticking. A high quality luxury watch is made with hundreds of perfectly crafted moving parts so if you listen carefully, you won’t be able to hear it tick.
  • Quality of the lettering. Luxury watches are crafted by master watchmakers who use precise engraving instruments to create precise legible lettering on each luxury watch.
  • There are many other things an untrained eye won’t know to look for in a luxury watch. The watch experts at Regal Estate Jewelry Buyers can quickly determine authenticity.

3. Choose the right buyer.

Where you decide to sell your watch is incredibly essential. Regal Estate Jewelry Buyers comes with an impeccable reputation and the highest cash offers. Regal Estate represents decades of experience in watch and jewelry buying. Our team of professionals includes GIA Gemologist graduates and luxury watch experts that know how to evaluate your watch accurately.

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