How much is my yellow diamond worth?

There is nothing like a bright and eye-catching diamond to ignite a sparkling conversation! Yellow diamonds not only shine bright and dazzle everyone who comes in contact with a perfectly manicured hand featuring a spectacular diamond on a special finger, but yellow diamonds also possess a grand amount of worth!

How much is my yellow diamond worth?

“Authenticity” is a word a yellow diamond owner can guarantee is a vital part of a yellow diamond’s striking existence. The authenticity of a yellow diamond is only the beginning of its impeccable worth; the value of your yellow diamond will not only bring high monetary value but will provide extremely attractive and long-lasting importance in historical value!

Rarity helps put a ring on it

Yellow diamonds aren’t only a bright commodity because of their heart-stopping appearance, a yellow diamond holds extreme value in its inception! Countless jewelry owners aren’t only attracted to a yellow diamond’s gorgeous appearance, the creation of a yellow diamond will create a thriving purchase for future owners. When the owner of a sparkler as sacred as yellow diamond sports this precious gem for the world to see, she wants the world to understand there was history in the diamond’s journey before it reached her finger; yellow diamonds are attractive to potential buyers because yellow stones are extremely precious to come by!

Does color make you wonder how much your yellow diamond is worth?

The GIA D to Z color scale plays an important role in a diamond’s monetary value. A yellow diamond is extremely eye-catching, and there’s a reason why its sheen is incredibly appealing! Yellow, and other colored diamonds, are known as “Fancy diamonds,” and the grading scale is as unique and important as a colored diamond’s stunning presence. The grading scale is divided into nine levels of intensity.

The measurements of a diamond’s intensity levels are much easier to decipher than their name may lead one to believe; these nine levels of intensity preserve the beauty and elegance of a colored diamond. A diamond’s beauty and importance aren’t limited to its not-to-be-ignored visual nature; a diamond’s tone is also incredibly crucial to a diamond’s intricate makings! A diamond’s tone is representative of two types: its brightness, or a darker nature, and where these two factors can be applied to your diamond, only making your diamond’s story more personal!

Some may swear by the old saying of “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder” or their attention can be sparked by the idea of how brightly a diamond shines, but beauty does play a factor in a diamond’s overall existence, even from a technical standpoint! A diamond’s grading, according to the GIA’s grading scale, an exact description of a diamond’s coloring will be provided, so you will be able to have a better understanding of a diamond’s full picture. The description of a diamond’s color is as intricate as a diamond in itself, and isn’t limited to one, simple color; The GIA grading scale takes classification seriously by combining two or three colors while including a description of the diamond’s level of intensity.

Your yellow diamond’s cut and shape are also important factors to pay attention to, and will be of interest to your diamond’s future owner! There are multiple types of diamond shapes in existence, which leaves the possibility open to each and every style, therefore providing limitless opportunities for your diamond’s future owner to incorporate into her style, no matter the style mood she wants to show to the world. Your yellow diamond will be given a new life through the multiple ways its presence can dazzle the finger of your diamond’s owner-to-be!

No matter if your diamond is classified as “Fancy” or “Colorless,” its value is determined by color, cut, clarity, and weight of your diamond’s carats. GIA grades are not simply limited by the measurement of the “four C’s,” the Gemological Institute of America also includes information on additional factors which aren’t visible to the naked eye, but instead are much more intricate and important to a diamond’s overall existence, and also possess the power to ‘shape’ the appeal of a diamond in the eyes and mind of your diamond’s potential owner!

A diamond’s symmetry, polish, and whether your diamond is fluorescent, is measured by the GIA scale as well. With the value of care a diamond is given in order for it to flourish into the stunning state of existence it was meant to carry and possess the utmost amount of value into your life, monetary value is also a factor taken into great consideration and determined with the utmost amount of consideration.

These categories are where a diamond’s price is determined, rather than basing determination of the shape in which a diamond is cut.

Regal Estate Jewelry Buyers will take great care in determining the value of your yellow diamond while showing you each and every aspect of your yellow diamond with great transparency!

One of the most appealing aspects to a diamond buyer has to be its perception from onlookers! The lady who purchases and flaunts a diamond wants her audience to deliver a favorable reaction to her bling. When a buyer is showing off her ring, she hopes the reflection from the light of the diamond will inspire some heads to turn! A diamond’s cut plays a crucial role in which light is reflected off of the diamond. As you can see on the GIA report, the cut for this diamond is classified as “very good,” meaning the light will reflect beautifully from this diamond.

We’re looking at the color, cut, clarity, and weight of a yellow diamond to determine its quality. Rarity is the key-word when focusing on yellow diamonds. A buyer should feel confident in understanding what they will receive after making the decision to sell their yellow diamond to Regal Jewelry Buyers. Not only will your yellow diamonds intricate state and worth be recognized, but Regal Estate Jewelry Buyers’ graduate team of gemologists and GIA also certified buyers will provide a free quote within 24 hours!

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