Clarity Enhanced Diamonds

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Natural Diamond    verses   Clarity Enhanced Diamond

At Regal Estate Jewelry Buyers, we love working with our clients and acquiring beautiful pieces of previously owned diamonds and estate jewelry. Each piece has its own story, origin, and design. Oftentimes, we inspect jewelry that includes enhanced diamonds. As your buying experts, we are here to answer common questions related to clarity enhanced diamonds.

What is clarity enhancement, or what is an enhanced diamond?

An enhanced diamond is a natural diamond that originally had an inclusion or fracture within its structure visible to the naked eye. At some point, the diamond could have had black crystals or white feathers. Through clarity enhancement, these crystals or feathers are removed from the diamond in one of four ways. These are the most successfully utilized procedures that are found in the diamond trade today.

  • Laser
  • Fracture Filling
  • HPHT (high pressure and high temperature)
  • Deep Boiling Techniques

These processes may alter the natural diamond permanently in order to improve the apparent clarity. In reality, the inclusions have only been hidden, not eliminated, and the treatment weakens the diamond as a whole. Also, once the diamonds have been altered, they are no longer considered natural diamonds.

The two most common types of clarity enhancement are laser drilling and fracture filling. Both are temporary, short-term solutions to enhancing the clarity of a natural diamond.

What is laser drilling diamond enhancement?

In the process of laser drilling diamond enhancement, a laser penetrates the diamond making tiny holes in the diamond so the impurities can receive treatments such as boiling out the included crystals with acid or to add gas-like substances that minimize the appearances. These holes can’t be seen by the naked eye leaving a more brilliant diamond with higher clarity, however, the small tunnel created by the laser is permanent.

What is fracture filling diamond enhancement?

Fracture filling diamond enhancement is the process of filling a fracture within a diamond with a glass-like resin which is forced into the diamond under extreme pressure. This process closes the small cracks, making slight imperfections undetectable to the human eye. This appearance is temporary, and eventually, the chemicals used to fill the fracture start to break down as the diamond is exposed to excessive heat or pressure. 

What are the signs of clarity enhancement, or an enhanced diamond?

An enhanced diamond will reflect shades of green, blue, purple, or other vibrant colors under various lighting. Small flashes of these colors can be seen under magnification.

How do I know if my diamond is enhanced?

We are happy to inspect and authenticate your jewelry for you at Regal Estate Jewelry Buyers. Every item we receive is looked over to verify and certify the authenticity of metal, stones, and grading. It is also inspected to assure the condition of the structure. We do this to ensure our valued clients have peace of mind knowing you are getting the most money for your item or any item you purchase from Regal Estate.

Clarity Enhanced Diamonds Pros and Cons

Clarity enhanced diamonds will normally be priced lower than natural diamonds. The main benefit of purchasing a clarity enhanced diamond is to get a larger diamond for less money. This is because natural diamonds with perfect clarity are very rare and diamonds with inclusions are much more common. If you want a larger diamond at a more affordable price that fits your budget, an enhanced diamond may be a good fit for you as they can cost 50% less than a natural diamond. Just be sure to purchase the ring from a reputable jeweler to find out how durable it will be, especially if it’s been laser drilled. If there have been too many tunnels drilled to remove internal inclusions it will affect the overall sturdiness of the diamond. 

If you have a natural diamond, you can obtain a grading report from GIA (Gemological Institute of America) or AGS (American Gem Society) to determine the color, cut, clarity and carat weight of a diamond. This identifies the quality and value of a gemstone. However, GIA doesn’t issue regular reports on filled diamonds because the treatment is not considered permanent.  GIA will instead issue a report making note that it has been clarity enhanced and a foreign material was artificially introduced precluding quality analysis.

It’s important to understand that fracture fillings are not permanent so great care needs to be taken when cleaning the diamond. It’s also imperative to let a jeweler know if your diamond is enhanced if you decide to have it sized, as the high heat may irreparably damage the diamond.  Once you’ve told your jeweler that your diamond is enhanced, they can take the proper precautions to safeguard its beauty. Most jewelers agree that it is better to purchase a smaller natural diamond rather than a less expensive larger enhanced diamond.

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